BlackBerry KeyTwo “Athena” is comming soon in the best price / BlackBerry Athena 2018


BlackBerry KeyTwo “Athena” is comming soon in the best price –

Blackberry Athena was first seen in February, in configuration files and in the European Device Registration Database. Today we have the first view of Blackberry Athena, which has been scheduled to be launched later this year.
Hello friends Blackberry is going to launch a new phone that will be very attractive to look and beautiful, people will love it very much¬†It would be interesting to see that BlackBerry’s new phone is proved in the Athena market, although the market already has a lot of phone lines, but when Blackberry phones come, then the market becomes intensified, given that, in 2018, BlackBerry Rest assured that it is going to launch BlackBerry’s new phone Black Berry keytwo Athena soon and tell you that it will be available in the market at very low prices¬†And this phone is very good compared to iPhone and Samsung phones. Now after using this phone, you can tell how this phone will be,
According to the previous report, the phone can be operated by Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 SOC, which includes 8 GB RAM + 64 GB storage combo and 6 GB RAM variant. However, as you can expect, none of these rumors is official, so we recommend that you take it with a pinch of salt.
so it is to see when this phone comes in the market, though BlackBerry says this Is that he is going to launch this phone in the next month only when the phone comes in the market then the Blackberry iphone phone Samsung Oppo vivo is going to be very competitive in all these, so let’s know some variables of blackberry keytwo athena About Scripture.

The QWERTY keyboard-touting sequel to the Blackberry KeyOn is shown in the online render form.

Many people who call Blackberry kettoo, but Blackberry KeyOn 2 or codename Athena also go online by the name of the rumor, the alleged press images posted on Slashlex have been shown from every angle.

If true, you can clearly see the front and bottom of the front, front, left and right sides of the next handset – in the next few months. For its predecessor, KeyOn start, you can see a dual lens camera on the rear. Last year’s model has only one single lens unit.

Blackberry Athena takes very physical design elements from the original Keyon Android phone. First of all, the device appears to borrow a deep frame of the keyon black version while sliding the silver frame of the original handset. Top bezel has also diminished while reducing the appearance of a better-looking display.

It seems that Kito will stick with 3.5mm headphone jack, but in a potential Slimman build The keyboard looks a little bit smoother than the key on

It matches the overall design, which has become more angular and less round this year.

Of course, TCL-producers – have not confirmed that the posted images are real, so it’s still speculative for now. But if they are real, then there can be another success on his hands. This picture is a fantastic devil to make sure.

On the other hand, there is nothing about BlackBerry Luna and Uni smartphones which were the second two smartphones to work on Blackberry.



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