Top 5 Technologies To Learn in 2018..


My name is Punit Mishra and today I will be discussing the 10 most trending technology that everyone is talking about I am very quiet market in 2018 so you can make this other New Years resolution to master any one of these in the next year so let’s look at what we have personality let’s begin with rpa robotic process automation.

Generally any desk job in any industry in all stars did Ar-pit adventure and can be automated RPA robotic process automation allows you to automate search routine and repeated it cost at RT 1 in both the overall productivity of companies by sharing that time and money and Anna’s Law School teacher’s guide for example no coding skills required RBI comes with simple drag and drop, you can automate any repeated it ask without changing the underlying Technologies.


RPA Technology can be implemented using various to the top┬áthree to include uipath blue prism and automation unacademy that you can see it as a slight is well let see what we have next…

intelligent APPS popularly known as IAPP email scheduling it is an artificial Intelligence and machine learning Technology for making the every day tours easier this invoice task like organiser comprising email scheduling meetings login interactions and continent ext ext some examples would be charged and virtual assistant that you can see it in the slightest bit so let’s move forward and see which technology we are going to discuss next…

  1. INTERNET OF THINGS.Now its time to talk about internet of things IOT other name suggest iot is about connecting different objects in your environment by a intelligent sensible enabling them to send and receive data this includes everything from your mobile phones refrigerators washing machine to almost everything that you can think about.with IOT we can a Smart cities with optimise traffic system efficient waste management and energy to start thinking of somenew escuse for coming late to office other than traffic.IOT is basically a network of connected devices and share data about how they are used and environment in which they are operated by doing so each of your device will be learning from the experience of other devices as human do.IOT is trying to expand the interdependence in human that is Internet contribute and collaborate thanks this is all about IOT.
  2. DEVOPS.Now we are going to talk about DEVOPS , explain this let me tell you guys DEVOPS is not a technology it is a methodology that ensures that both the development and operations go hand in hand DEVOPS life cycle.This picture is an infinite loop representing integration of developers and operations team by automatic infrastructure and continuity measuring application performance. It is basically the process of continual improvement so why not start with yourself you can even see the companies are using it right now Face book Amazon Netflix and most of the countries are there in the market are using DEVOPS. Why are they using DEVOPS because of its advantages it provide you shorter software development life cycle quality or software that is produced is way better than the previous Waterfall model.
  3. ANGULAR AND REACT.Now we’re going to talk about Angular and React so these are the most populous JavaScript is base framework to creating modern web application. Using react and angular you can create highly modern web application so when I say modular you don’t need to go through a lot of changes in your code base for adding a new feature Angular and React also allows you to create native mobile app in the same JavaScript CSS and HTML.
  4. CLOUD COMPUTING.Now we are going to talk about cloud computing and I believe a lot of you already know about it because it is a password in the IT industry right now. computing is one of the most trending Technology guys this is because it allows companies to save a lot of money and simplify the life. Day by day more and more companies are shifting their infrastructure of the club what is the reason for the first of all it is fast scalable it can be accessed from anywhere is no frame cost and it provides better security. Now there a lot of cloud providers in the market for example Amazon, Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM, Google.
  5. BIG DATA.Everyone of you when I come across them big data has affected the IT landscape beyond imagination Big-Data refers to problems, that are associated with processing and storing different types of data. Most of the companies today rely on Big Data Analytics to gain huge insight about their customer, product, research, marketing initiatives and many more. For your surprise, Big data led Germany to win the World Cup as well. Now. It can be used in various domains, it can be used in Retail, Insurance, Healthcare, Banking and finance.

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