Top Language in 2018

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  1. swift-Swift hear the reason behind putting this is very I’m talking about top 10 programming language top 5 Swift has to make the list and the only reason behind that is Apple ID. Create a lot of caterers of apple on the internet but we cannot escape the fact that uncle is a big deal itself insanely crazy high amount of devices every single year regardless of whatever the prices whatever the highest quality there building up. They sell the product and this makes a huge ecosystem for you so if you’re looking forward to design. Any apps that include any kind of ecosystem baby that’s an iPhone iPad or maybe again for Apple or maybe any kind of desktop application this has to be here there is just one way to go inside Apple ecosystem and that is Swift.



  1. Java-At number 3 I would like to put Java here now alongside with Java I would also like to put kotlin here. So this is part to shared by two programming No Surprise this language has to be here that Java is insanely crazy or full and popular language and especially the recent increase in the Android apps and demand of Android developer this language is growing like in say me but not only because the Android there a lot of web applications been totally designing in Java. So that’s why it is language is in a big on this list but he is a quick world hear that I would like to add on the Java now. If you want to become an Android developer Java is a great start but in order to make sure that you are a little bit Cherry on the top of your existing resume I would recommend you to learn kotlin as well because it is now officially supported language for Android development and its already a lot of companies have started to build up their side projects in the kotlin as well .
  2. Javascript-is on steroids this language is going insanely crazy possibly is not talking about 2017 edition here it is evolved quite a lot and there were a lot of clause in a JavaScript it was not the most personally favourite language for a lot of Programmable but it has evolved quite a lot and make sure we’re on the same page will talking about the 2017 and 2018 edition of JavaScript. Now JS is perfectly capable and powerful how to handle almost everything you can work with node JS and can rely on the back and front and you can go with angular or react and complete all I want is this is really the hottest rain in the market. If you want to talk about the mobile and ionic Framework all the react native framework out completely capable of handling all that I was as well as the Android app. FB is completely shifting towards this JavaScript scenario in JavaScript alone here for Dinner Bell for the mobile Android iOS everything this language I have seen I haven’t seen any language growing this much quickly and this much powerful this language.
  3. PHP- Very quickly because this really good and they have to be here 5 BHP amazing awesome and still the highest projects on the website like a freelancer in a Boat or in PHP amazing.

    GoLang-Goa also known as golang really powerful can use a lot of your course a lot of big companies are looking forward for engineers of golang

    C ++ implementation in game development as well as for high and Research why nf3 is language have to be here and

    SQL is also known as sequel of Benetton and still and a lot of projects which are still in my SQL or somehow related sequel is the way how you query to the database not specifically the programming language but still the hottest rain on StackOverflow have to be mentioned here.

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